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The CHARGERS YOUTH PROGRAM supports the new "Gloucester PRIDE Code of Conduct" for coaches, parents and spectators.  We are honored to represent and uphold this community initiative which was developed by the Gloucester Youth Initiatives Task Force 2011.  This initiative was sponsored by the Gloucester Fisherman Athletic Association.  

Many 2011 GHS varsity athletes and honor students, helped develop the PRIDE acronym and code of conduct, including senior GHS baseball captains and Little League alumni, Adam Philpott and Chris Unis.  Football captains and academic scholars, Mike Tomaino and AJ Mizzoni, also helped develp this code of conduct.

We ask that all parents, guardians, relatives, coaches and CYP athletes to join the CHARGERS YOUTH PROGRAM in following the "Gloucester PRIDE Code of Conduct".

The message conveyed on the cards, which are distributed at sporting events and throughout the community, reads:

"Gloucester PRIDE Code of Conduct"

P  - Positive role models for Gloucester's youth

R - Respect for players, officials, coaches, 
"and spectators

I - Involved, supportive and encouraging adults

D - Dedicated to building good character, sportsmanship, and excellence

E - Equity for athletes of all ages, races, religions, genders, and abilities

"Adult Pledge to Our Community"

In order to sustain a community that supports our youth's self esteem and success; parents, coaches, and spectators will model the behavior we wish to encourage in our children.

By working together with our youth, Gloucester will sustain a community of true champions that demonstrate and value caring relationships on and off the field.

Thank you for joining our board in following the Gloucester PRIDE Code of Conduct.  Let's have a fantastic year!
The Chargers Youth Program~

For more information, visit http://www.gloucesterathletics.org